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Will “Trade & Donate” revolutionize digital fundraising?

ūüíö- Will “Trade & Donate” revolutionize digital fundraising?

“Introducing ‘Trade & Donate’ – the innovative solution transforming digital fundraising for NGOs. Charitablez ( is proud to be the world’s leading provider of tokenization services for these organizations.

Our introduction of the first ever charity tokens empowers users to make contributions to philanthropic organizations simply through token trading. Every transaction of a charity token is accompanied by a 1% donation fee, automatically donated to the corresponding NGO, with our fully decentralized platform. As a result, for each $100 invested in a $UNICEF (Example) token, $1 is instantly donated to UNICEF (Example), seamlessly merging investment and donation for maximum impact.

Join us in revolutionizing the way we support NGOs, and bring your investment strategy in line with your philanthropic goals.