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Shape the future of giving – Community Update

▪️ Dutch Blockchain Week – The team has attended the physical main event of the Dutch Blockchain Week on the 23th of November. Guests from: Your Open Metaverse, DAO Hub, Lekker Cryptisch, Maven 11, and many more made it a high quality program full of conversations, keynotes, pitches and networking opportunities.

▪️ New Woman in the C-suite of Charitablez – A lot of research in recent years highlights the impact that women can have in businesses, particularly when they attain executive leadership positions. Companies with women at the helm may tend to have better returns than their male-run counterparts, and may also gain more trust from potential investors. Some of the reasons? Such businesses may be more diverse in general, allowing for potentially greater idea sharing, creativity, and problem-solving on the part of their workers. Announcement coming next week.

👥 Community update

▪️ Please be aware of known scams that are happening on a daily basis across Telegram. Always confirm if you are really talking to a Charitablez team member.
Remember we will never DM, call you directly or ask you to send funds and be alert of fake accounts and fake chat channels.

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