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Project Update – Episode #39

🟢 Rebranding Campaign – Our team is finishing the rebranding campaign this week, we have been working on SEO, social media templates, restructuring workflows and the registration of the brand Charitablez.

🟢 Fundraising Preparation – This week our team is getting ready for appointments with VCs, Hedge funds and Family Offices in the next coming weeks. Together with our advisors, GotBit, Venture Ready Global and other partners we are working on a detailed strategy that is needed in order to finish the ICO of $UNITY so, we can launch our application that will be available in the Google Play & App Store.

🟢 New Partner – There will be a next partner announcement coming very soon.

🟢 Suggestions – If you have any suggestions regarding partners, investors or any other things that can help us grow together, feel free to send a PM to one of our team members.

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⭐️ Community update

🟢 Please be aware of known scams that are happening on a daily basis across Telegram. Always confirm if you are really talking to a Charitablez team member.
Remember we will never DM, call you directly or ask you to send funds and be alert of fake accounts and fake chat channels.

✅️ Social media

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