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🟢 Project Update – Episode #42

🟢 Investment Webinars – Last Thursday, our team finally started a series of investor webinars. These webinars are hosted by our partners Sacral Capital led by Brandi Kolosky. Over the next two months we have planned several webinars where we will pitch our project to a large network of investors. We see this as a huge opportunity to complete our funding round and work towards the launch of our platform.

🟢 Interview Charity Magazine – Tomorrow Robby and Luc have an interview with the largest and oldest charity fundraising magazine in the Netherlands named: Vakblad Fondsenwerving.

Vakblad Fondsenwerving was founded in 1998 with a clear mission: “Striving for recognition of the social importance of fundraising and the development of the fundraising profession.’’ They do this, among other things, by ensuring that all knowledge and information about fundraising (non-profit marketing) is easily accessible to charities and other fundraising non-profit organizations. Vakblad Fondsenwerving, which appears six times a year, is the inspiring magazine for everyone in the philanthropic sector.

🟢 Data Room – To make sure that the investors of the webinars have enough information about Charitablez’s strategies, we have created a complete data room with Sacral Capital together which gives investors a clear picture of where we are working towards as a project and what the future looks like once we launched $UNITY and the world’s first charity tokens.

⭐️  Community update

🟢 Please be aware of known scams that are happening on a daily basis across Telegram. Always confirm if you are really talking to a Charitablez team member.

Remember we will never DM, call you directly or ask you to send funds and be alert of fake accounts and fake chat channels.

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