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Welcome to the Charitablez Project. Please click on a blog post below to get more information.

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What are Impactablez (Impact NFTs)? Impactablez are a unique type of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that are designed to directly support specific humanitarian and environmental projects, solutions, or products through charitable donations. These NFTs serve as tangible representations of a particular cause, with each token tied to a specific project, such as planting 10 trees in… Read More »What are Impactablez (Impact NFTs)?

We caught up with Luc and Robby from Charitablez in our first AMA of the year on Wednesday, January 25th. They brought us up to speed with where Charitablez is in their roadmap, and we’re still as excited as ever to be on this journey with them! 💚 See the video below for the AMA… Read More »Charitablez x AMA January 25th, 2023

Why should charities become tokenized? Tokenizing charities can help with connecting and engaging with a new generation of donors and supporters in a few ways: 🟢Firstly, tokenization can provide a new way for people to support and engage with charities, through the use of blockchain technology. By issuing tokens that represent ownership or membership in… Read More »Why should charities become tokenized?

Do charities need to adapt crypto & blockchain? 🟢 It is important for charities to connect with the new generation because they are the future donors, volunteers, and advocates for the cause. As young people come of age and begin to develop their own philanthropic habits, it is crucial for charities to establish a connection… Read More »Do charities need to adopt crypto & blockchain?

🟢 Investment Webinars – Last Thursday, our team finally started a series of investor webinars. These webinars are hosted by our partners Sacral Capital led by Brandi Kolosky. Over the next two months we have planned several webinars where we will pitch our project to a large network of investors. We see this as a… Read More »🟢 Project Update – Episode #42

We would like to thank our community, team and partners for supporting Charitablez in 2022 and give them the appreciation they deserve, thank you! ▪️ Selected nominee of Reimagining Fundraising 2022 ▪️Charitablez rebranding campaign ▪️ New strategic / fundraising partners: – Sacral Capital – BTAF – Your Open Metaverse – GotBit – Venture Ready Global… Read More »RECAP OF ❇️2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣2️⃣❇️

🌐 Community update #41 🌐 🔗 Project update Our growth advisor Brandi Kolosky has been preparing investor pitch events for strategic partners and investor relations. These events will be attended by high potential investors. ▪️ 20th of December – Announcement new strategic partnership ▪️ 23th of December – Announcement new C-suite team member ▪️ 30th… Read More »Community update #41

▪️ Dutch Blockchain Week – The team has attended the physical main event of the Dutch Blockchain Week on the 23th of November. Guests from: Your Open Metaverse, DAO Hub, Lekker Cryptisch, Maven 11, and many more made it a high quality program full of conversations, keynotes, pitches and networking opportunities. ▪️ New Woman in… Read More »Shape the future of giving – Community Update

🟢 New Partner – There will be a next partner announcement coming very soon.